TTC: Introducing Joulz!

I’m delighted to introduce another regular contributor to you. I’ll hand you straight over to Joulz who no doubt you’ll get to know in the coming months. Welcome, Joulz!

So you’ve made the decision to start trying for a baby and you eagerly start counting down the days until your last contraceptive pill. The day arrives when that last little baby blocker has been swallowed and your period follows soon after. As the days pass by you have sex over and over and towards the end of the month start googling every possible pregnancy symptom and then when you reach day 28 and there is no sign of a period you immediately assume you’ve succeeded! Hurrah! You’ve made baby! But wait… have you?

This situation is exactly where I was at the end of 2012; I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in November and jumped straight on the baby making plans but I hadn’t realized that things might not be that simple. I peed on every kind of pregnancy test I could between days 28 and 35 convinced that if my period wasn’t here that I must be pregnant. If I wasn’t pregnant then where was my period? As the days crept up my confusion grew into frustration and even anger. Day 37, 38, 39… eventually I hit day 40 (New Years Day) and extreme cramps and nausea made me run for the toilet and I felt a wave of joy when I wiped and saw blood. My period was finally here!

TTC | Introducing Joulz | Long cycles after coming off the pill | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

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I started the new year and cycle 2 with renewed vigour, relieved that my body had ‘flushed’ the pill through my system and now we could really get going but as day 28 came and went without any symptoms of any kind my enthusiasm began to falter and my mass testing began again. Then day 40 arrived, surely this would be the day again? But it came and went without any signs of a period or pregnancy. I felt like my heart was breaking inside and I was broken. Other people come of the pill and get pregnant first cycle, other people have ‘normal’ periods – why not me?

The days kept creeping up and up… I hit day 44 and had the tiniest bit of blood… hurrah it’s here! Oh but wait… waking up to day 45 and there was no blood, nothing what so ever. The days kept creeping up and with no further symptoms and my husband was convinced the pregnancy tests I was still regularly peeing on must be wrong, I must be pregnant by now if not surely my period would have been here by now?

On day 47 I started temping, if I didn’t know what my body was doing maybe the thermometer would. I didn’t really know what I was looking for but kept logging it every morning and just hoped the app would know what the information meant.

On day 59 I visited my GP convinced I was broken and needed ‘fixing’, she told me that it can take up to 9 months for the pill to leave my system and for my cycles to return to normal but that as I never had regular cycles prior to the pill that they may never become ‘normal’. At that moment I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks, finding out that my ‘broken’ body might take months to sort itself out or it may never happen. The GP agreed to see me again in September for some basic tests if I still wasn’t pregnant at that point but until then to go home and just keep doing what I was doing.

As the days continued I started getting jealous of people having a period never mind those getting their BFP’s. I knew how I felt was ridiculous but I couldn’t stop myself. I would have done anything to wake up to tummy cramps and the sight of blood.

TTC | Introducing Joulz | Long cycles after coming off the pill | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

On day 73 as I entered in my morning temperature reading red lines appeared on my chart marking that it thought I had ovulated on day 70. The excitement was overwhelming, I was finally seeing a sign that maybe my body was working and as we’d had sex within my fertile window (day 68) a positive test could be a possibility.

So that takes me up to now, today is day 78 and I’m 8dpo and in the 2ww. I have everything crossed and feel nervous with anticipation. I will be happy with a period but ecstatic if I get my much wanted BFP. I will keep you updated on the outcome!


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7 thoughts on “TTC: Introducing Joulz!

  1. I can’t imagine how frustrating that wait must have been. The 2ww is long enough never mind an indeterminably long wait. So pleased to see you ovulated eventually though. :)

  2. Yay for ovulation! Well done your body Joulz! Temping really is brill – it keeps me sane (well as sane as can be!). I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you! x

  3. I can’t imagine how frustrating your long cycles must be.. I get frustrated with my 26 day cycles!! Patience is not one of my strong points.

    Yeay for ovulating though. I still get excited when I see the line on my OPK, even though I know that doesn’t mean I have definitel ovulated. I really must start temping.. Just too lazy!
    Clare x

  4. Fab piece Joulz, great to see you on here. I’m in the early days of temping myself, and it certainly is addictive! I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress on your TTC journey.

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