Meal Planning Monday returns!

It’s been a while since a meal plan graced these pages but, hurrah, it’s back! Mr Stork is doing more and more cooking now so we’re coming up with our choices together. As much as I love cooking, making lists and, well, making lists about cooking, it’s nice to share it.

As usual, we’re trying to keep the cost down whilst trying to limit our reliance on supermarkets and largely we’re succeeding but we’ve not done any batch cooking for ages. I’m hoping that the more I settle in to my new job, the more I can work out a routine that will stop me feeling like I’m running around like a headless chicken!

Without further ado, the tasty plates of food expected chez Stork this week are as follows:

Meal Plan w/c 25th March 2013

Meal Plan Monday 25 March 2013 | Frugal, healthy eating | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

How are you all getting on with meal planning at the moment? Anyone else lapsed a bit?

Whilst we’re on the subject of food, are any of you doing the 5:2 diet? I’ve always been a staunch advocate of the whole ‘eat less, move more’ type of diet, staying well clear of fads, because they don’t work. Several of my colleagues are doing the 5:2 plan so I was encouraged to read the book and, WOW, what a revelation. Weight loss completely to one side, the difference that intermittent fasting can make to your general health, both in the short and long term, is completely staggering. It reduces your chances of getting the usual scary nasties of cancer, diabetes, heart problems etc but also things like Alzheimer’s.

The theory behind it is that for two days a week you fast although, ladies, you are able to consume 500 calories (it’s 600 for men) on each of those days. For the other five days of the week you eat normally. I’d thoroughly recommend reading ‘The Fast Diet‘ by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer (a bargainous £2.95 over at Amazon) who set out the science behind it as well as the numerous health benefits. Quite rightly, they talk through the cons as well as the pros, but I think it’s a fabulously balanced approach.

I know I often eat because I’m bored or because the clock says it’s lunch time and I think following the 5:2 diet will help me re-callibrate that. I’m really keen to start thinking more about my longer term health, particularly now I’m old ( ;) ) and so, having read the book from cover to cover, my first fast day is today. Wish me luck!


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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday returns!

  1. Now I’m intrigued by this diet plan. Will be interested to follow how you get on! I am assuming I can do it while still following SW principles for the most part, and I know using MFP will help me keep my calories in control!! Must do some reading! Good luck with it.

  2. Ooooo yes do keep us up to date with how you get on! I’ve had a couple of colleagues do this too. Before 5:2 was the Paleo diet which my mum has been doing for 6-7 months and has lost over 2 stone now. When I say diet i do mean ‘way of life’ as she continues to eat in this way for keeps! I been thinking about doing a 9 day cleansing detox….Australia in 6 weeks and I would like to drop half a stone. Eeeek!!

    • Oooh sweetpea I did fancy the 9 day detox as well I must admit but I think the cost of the stuff is going to be prohibitively expensive in my case. Sounded really promising though.

  3. I must admit that my meal planning has fallen by the wayside lately, with illness and general feeling a bit down I have been veering towards the takeaway menus. Your meal plan is inspiring though, and I’m determined to get back on track – yesterday I made two big pots of soup, tomato, carrot & lentil, and a spiced parsnip soup.

    I think I’m going to allow myself another week of naughtiness, as I already have three meals out booked with friends from Thursday – Saturday. However, come next Monday I’m definitely going to shake things up!

    I’ve heard of the 5:2, and while it does sound interesting, I’m not completely sold. My get healthy plan entails exercise every day, and I’m not sure how I would cope with exercising with so little fuel. I’ll keep it in mind though, perhaps as a Plan B – I’ll be very interested to hear how it goes for you!

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