Booze, glorious booze!

Booze, glorious booze. What a wonderful thing you are! I don’t know about you folks, but I enjoy a drink. There’s something quite magical about that first sip of a crisp drink after a long day in the office.

I do a lot of entertaining as part of my job so there’s something so wonderfully simple and, frankly, enjoyable about being able to sit at home on my sofa with a glass of something dry and fizzy without having to worry about impressing a client. You see champagne and I are close friends. I spent last year teetotal, except for champagne, though prosecco and cava fell within my ‘allowed list’! It seemed a far better idea than a dry January and I can tell you, it was much more fun!

Not that I discriminate when it comes to booze, oh no! Tipples that I don’t enjoy are few and far between but you can keep your tequila, your sweet wines or your oaked chardonnays, they are not for me. I enjoy a beer though I tend to stick to champagne, wine (red or white, I think we’ve established I’m not fussy…) or gin.

Over the years I’ve been impressed by the incredible variety of great wines that can be bought in supermarkets. Gone are the days of there being a couple of safe choices, the varieties are astounding, and the drinks offers represent great value. We tend to buy our wine by the case, particularly as there are often deals giving you more money off when you by them by the half dozen. When buying in volume, I much prefer to buy online as it means the nice delivery man will carry the bottles in to my kitchen where I stand, expectant face on, bottle opener in hand! The people over at price comparison site helpfully set out the best offers on their drinks shelf so you don’t even have to trawl through the site.

Do you buy much wine from the supermarket? Any great recommendations for me to try? In return, I can thoroughly recommend the Cave de Lugny sparkling white Burgundy which you can find here.  It’s known as ‘pretendy Krug’ in this house – tastes very similar but a tiny fraction of the price!

Tell me about your booze habits, good people!

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5 thoughts on “Booze, glorious booze!

  1. I love champagne too, followed by prosecco, then cava. Just before the wedding back in May, I won eight bottles of champers in a competition. In the run up to the wedding, it was celebration central with bubbly permanently on the list. The wedding was no different, and then I spent two weeks in sunny Mexico sipping champagne all day long. I have been well and truly spoiled, even my old favourite Pinot Grigio doesn’t go down quite as easy anymore. Now the home supply of champers is running low I’ve taken to stocking up on prosecco and cava instead. I too prefer the online deals, with Tesco Wine and Virgin Wine usually offering some good prices. I’ll be sure to check out mysupermarket next time I’m stocking up though, I had no idea that they covered wine case prices also…thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Sam have you noticed wine prices in the shops lately? They are definately creeping up (we can thank our lovely* First Minister for that.
    I must admit the reason I’m only noticing this now is I, like Sarah, had rarely been drinking for ages but lately have found myself fancying a couple of glasses of wine in the evening. I will seriously consider looking at these deals you speak of!

    *not lovely

  3. I am a big wine and fizz fan! I was in a wine ménage at work for 2 years which taught me loads and exposed me to lots of grapes I’d never had before. who knew chablis was chardonnay?! not me! I love NZ white wines and love a good prosecco. It can be as good as champagne IMHO. I stay away from cheap wine where I can for ethical and snobbery purposes and would rather one good bottle of red than 3 cheap ones. Aaaah wine! I’m right in the mood now!!

  4. I miss booze, sob!! My staple is pinot grigio or G&T with a splash of lime. In winter, I like a massive mug of hot chocolate with a very generous dosing of baileys… yum! I’m not really into fizz – I love the taste of a dry champagne but I feel quite sick when drinking any fizz – the same goes for the likes of lemonade or beer. Love a nice pint of flat scrumpy in the beer garden on a hot sunny day… *sighs wistfully*

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