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Our lovely Victoria is back with her latest update. Have you been following her story? You can read all about Victoria here as she talks about PCOS, losing weight and learning to chart whilst she tries for a baby. Today she covers one of my favourite subjects: meat. What are you waiting for?! 

Last week saw me return to Slimming World YET AGAIN. Same old story, I fell off the wagon. Well, I had my excuses, the house move was horrendous, then I was ill. I don’t do the kind of ill where the weight falls off you either, I do the kind of ill where all I want to eat is Heinz tomato soup and cheesy bread, then some Ice Cream for my sore throat.  I actually got to the stage where I was desperate to go back to SW cos I so desperately want to BE on the wagon. I have discovered I just can’t do it on my own. Where has SW been the rest of my life!? Amazing news though, I stepped on the scales and was exactly the same weight as I was 5 weeks ago.  Couldn’t ask for better news than that really!!

Now I’m settling in at home in the new place, with my very own fan oven and ceramic hob, oven 60cm wide instead of the puny 50cm one in the old place. Amazing difference a decent cooker can make. I have also been on a butcher run. I chose to travel 5 miles out of town to a butcher in a neighbouring village because their meat is tried and tested for the last several Christmases in my Mum’s house. They do a variety of value butcher packs, the latest Daddy of Butcher Packs has recently been added where you get a boxful for £50, or if you want to splash out and buy 2 you get it for £90 – so Hubby and I got one, and Mum and Dad took another one, bingo, we’ve both saved. Here’s what we get:

2lb of mince
2lb of stew
2lb of silverside or topside
2x8oz(approx)rump steaks
2lb of pork or beef sausages
2lb of pork steaks or chicken fillets
2lb of bacon
1x mince round or large steak pie.

It’s likely your local butcher will do a similar deal so get on down to see what they have, and of course you know what you get with a local butcher don’t you! – it’s going to feed us healthily for about a fortnight. It’s so wrong how much this excites me….

Speaking of exciting, I love a good chart coming together, and here’s mine:

Victoria's chart | Weight Loss Wednesday | Meat | PCOS | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

We managed to DTD a few times in the hecticness of the house move, but we knew it wasn’t likely to be our month for that reason.  I used the CBFM – you can see I got H (High) readings for a lot of days this cycle before I gave up. It seems it was just one of those months where my PCOS caused inflated LH levels and no peak seemed to ever come. That’s why it’s advisable to temp. The temping is a pretty straightforward pattern. I think that HUGE peak just says ‘you’re ill, best have a few days off work’ so I did J. Ovulation was detected bang on schedule on CD16 along with another nice treat, the appearance of Egg white cervical mucus, I’ve only ever detected this twice so yay! It’s always a good sign of impending ovulation.  I found a packet of Internet Cheapy pregnancy tests when packing as well so as you can see I got a bit pee happy near the end there -  14 DPO now and it looks like I’m on the countdown to AF, as temp has dropped again.

I can see where it went wrong, no DTD in the all important few days before ovulation, so can’t say fairer than that really. Well done body! Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday

  1. Lovely chart Vicki! Now that I’ve starting temping this cycle I’m so interested by charts. Glad to hear that you got back on the wagon, I think I may need to give SW a go too, if I’m honest. Great value in that butchers pack, I particularly enjoyed the pictures on Facebook ;)

  2. Yay for ovulation! I love a good chart too V! Fx for next cycle…well you have to christen every room in your new home ;)

  3. Thanks for your comments all of you :) Especially from our vegetarian friend Sweetpea ha! Excellent suggestion as well…that idea was put out there some weeks ago but never followed up on….I must look into it further ;) Sam- the soup is back on the menu for lunches again too :D

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