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Happy Friday, folks! Over the coming months I hope to introduce to a range of talented mums and dads who manage to combine some sort of creative role with bringing up their children. Having run my own business for the past few years, I can testify to it being a wonderful thing, but also something that’s bloody hard work! Quite how people manage to combine it with raising a family, I don’t know! 

Today I’m delighted to introduce Meaghan, the brains behind Little Love Designs, a gorgeous little business that she runs alongside being a stay at home mum. Meaghan makes an array of beautiful things, ideal to be given as gifts or just to brighten up your home. She also takes on bespoke commissions from time to time. Aren’t they just gorgeous? 

My Little Loves
So, as with pretty much everything else in my life, I am late in submitting this to Sarah for her blog!

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It was this time last year, after the birth of my second Daughter, that I decided it would be a good idea to start up my own little business. I had no clue as to what this would be… What I should do… How I would do it… But it sounded like a good idea so I went with it. I had no idea this would lead to me painting at midnight, carrying a baby and toddler plus twenty parcels into my local post office and turning my kitchen into a woodworking, paint shop!
I run my (very) small business from my iPad in my kitchen, I catch up on emails whilst slicing banana for breakfast, paint a few pieces during nap time and package items with my toddler sitting in a heap of bubble wrap. Most of my work is done after bedtime, my only chance to get things done without “Mummy, I paint too!” from my three year old or trying to catch the crawling baby who has just learned the stairs! Clan | LittleLoveDesigns | Business for Stay at home Mums | Business | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

But… It seems to work, well, for the most part! I’m tired and I look a wreck most days but then I guess that’s part and parcel of having had two under two for the last year! Adding to that the stress of beginning a new venture and trying to find suppliers whilst changing nappies and it’s a whole new life I never knew……but one that I’m loving!!

LittleLoveDesigns | Business for Stay at home Mums | Business | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blogYou can ‘like’ Little Love Designs over on Facebook as well as contacting Meaghan regarding any orders or prices. I’d love to know which of her designs are your favourite. 

If any of you out there have started up your own business recently and fancy sharing your experience of juggling parenthood with a home-based industry, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! 


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