TTC/Still Trying: Sammi goes private…

How does Monday manage to come around so quickly? It seems so unfair! Sammi’s back today with the latest instalment of her journey to pregnancy. When we last heard from her, she’d had been to see a fertility expert and she shared her plan of action with us. Here’s her latest update: 

I have never had a bad word to say about the NHS. I have never been poorly, or broken a bone or indeed had any ailment that required a trip to hospital, until now. Several family members have been poorly over the years, most notably my Mum who had breast cancer aged 33. I was only 9 at the time, but I remember all the nurses and doctors were lovely and Mum went on to make a full recovery, what more could you ask for?

Quite rightly, the NHS is fantastically fast at dealing with life-threatening issues, and takes a much more leisurely approach to ‘issues’ such a fertility. After all, having children is a lifestyle choice rather than a human right and I completely agree with their priorities. Though, sometimes you get to a point where the patient wants one thing, but the NHS can only offer you another because of the strict guidelines they adhere to. We found ourselves in exactly this situation at our last fertility consultation. The NHS wanted me to start ovulation inducing drugs (clomid, to begin with) at our next appointment, and once they have established ovulation for 6 months, only if I still hadn’t fallen pregnant would they investigate how healthy my fallopian tubes are.

A and I agreed that before I take potentially unnecessary drugs, we should check my tubes are indeed open and healthy. It will give us a boost of positivity knowing that once I’m ovulating, I have just as much chance as anyone else. We booked an evening consultation with a reproductive gynaecologist at our local Spire hospital. The consultant was jolly and friendly, we chatted about why I was considering a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and what the procedure would involve. He agreed that it was a worthwhile thing for us to do, and booked me in for the following week! Going private guarantees a super speedy service, they weren’t kidding when they say ‘no waiting lists.’

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No waiting…

I am rather apprehensive about the HSG as last time I had my cervix clamped and something pushed through it was when I had my IUD fitted, and it was a horrible and very painful experience. On the other hand, Wednesday will mark the official start of fertility treatment, and I can’t blinking wait!

Have any of you had the HSG test? How did you find it? 


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5 thoughts on “TTC/Still Trying: Sammi goes private…

  1. Thanks ladies!

    I’ve just found out my HSG has to be postponed due to the radiologist not being available this week, and next week is too late in my ‘cycle’ because the HSG has to be performed between days 7-10.

    Crumbs! I had geared up for it mentally, notified work I’d be off, stocked up on painkillers (I’m a wimp) – and now it is cancelled. Booo!

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