Weight Loss Wednesday

Victoria’s back with the result of her first Slimming World weigh ins. I shan’t spoil her thunder other than to say she’s done incredibly well and I’m really proud of her! She’s also got a really interesting chart to share with you FertilityFriend ladies out there. Thanks, V!

Hello everyone, hope everyone’s managing to stay on the wagon for the most part (but of course getting off it occasionally along the way is much more fun!)

I told you last time how I was so looking forward to that 1st weigh in at SW to see what I’d achieved, and yay for me, it was a good one – I lost 10lbs!!!

Feeling rather pleased with myself, that spurred me on for week 2, and again I meal planned and stuck to the SW rules religiously, managing to shed another 3lbs at the 2nd weigh in. 13lbs total, I was delighted but wouldn’t it have been lovely to have managed another 1lb off?

So I am in my 3rd week of Slimming World now and despite my initial determination to lose that next 1lb and get my shiny 1 stone sticker this is where things are becoming harder. I am blaming the house move for this. We are decorating the place from top to bottom just now so that it’s all lovely for us moving in later in February. Spending all my evenings and weekends up at the new place makes meal planning and dieting very hard! It’s for that reason that I’ve not been perfect so far this week.

I still have my eye very much on the prize and this is just a temporary glitch. I have learned enough in recent weeks to know that by planning better I could have got round this, and I will.

Here’s my new all time favourite recipe!!

(Yes, I did say that last week about the chicken dopiaza, but if I could somehow get a new favourite recipe every week I’d be able to stick to the diet forever!)

Victoria’s New Favourite Recipe


  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tbsp soy
  • 680g chicken breasts, cut in to 1inch cubes


  1.  Mix together the honey, balsamic vinegar and soy. Add the chicken and coat with the sticky mixture. Leave to stand for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.
  2. Heat a frying pan and add the chicken and marinade. Cook on a highish heat, stirring regularly so as not to burn. Allow the chicken to soak up the marinade.
  3. When cooked through, serve immediately with a crispy green salad.

I have been continuing to chart my temperatures to see if I ovulate and if so when, and I do have an interesting chart to share with you. Fertilityfriend.com ‘thinks’ I ovulated on CD16. This is interesting for 2 reasons, firstly that I wasn’t sure if I would, so looking good on that front. Secondly it’s quite a few days earlier than I would have expected. If it wasn’t for the fact that my H has been suffering with a severe bout of arthritis in his knee (swollen to double its normal size and barely bendable) this could have been our best shot yet! I’m surprisingly OK with missing our chance, partly because I’m just pleased to see a normal cycle developing. If my body can keep this up then there will be plenty more chances.

Here’s the chart.

Fertility Friend | Charting | Weight Loss Wednesday | Vicki | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

Victoria’s Fertility Friend chart

So where the red lines cross is where I seemingly ovulated. The idea is that my temp should stay above the red line now basically until the end of the cycle approaches, but I’ve been told a wee dip like you see on mine can be normal for some people. I won’t know what’s normal for me until I’ve collected a few of these charts.

If I did ovulate, FF expects AF will arrive on day 36 but it’s basing this on the fact the only other cycle I plotted into FF was a 36 day long cycle. I would expect that my Luteal Phase is between 14 and 18 days so I’d expect AF a few days sooner.

Will keep you updated, see you in a fortnight!

Keep at it, V my lovely, you’re doing so well :)  



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5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday

  1. That recipe looks divine V, I’ll be trying it out soon, your lentil soup was yummy. Huge well done on the weightloss!! I’m intrigued by your temping chart, if my thermometer arrives sometime this week then I’m going to give it a go, so will probably be in touch for advice…keep up the good work! :)

  2. V, you’re doing so, so well – I’m so proud of you. But you know that.

    Well done for admitting that this week hasn’t gone 100% to plan but being determined enough to see it for what it is – just a blip. And it’s brilliant that you’re already thinking of ways you could have planned better. So often our own excuses are our barrier to losing weight. It’s so easy to blame circumstances but you haven’t done that. You’ve accepted the circumstances and got straight back on it.

    You also know I love the sticky chicken recipe (and you know my Husband’s name for it) – we’re having it again tonight! Yum.

    Great post this week Vic xxx

  3. Your success so far is awesome V! Keep up the good work m’love. Great to see your chart as this is my first cycle charting/temping and 3dpo I’ve just had a massive dip. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed about it but it’s good to see and hear that’s it can and does happen! Thank you for saving my mental health today :)

  4. Well done with the weight loss V! Your ff chart looks interesting, definately looks like your ovulating so that’s half the battle! I 100% think temping worked for me – I really hope you have the same luck with it! Keep going! X

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