Resolutions with a difference

Every year I make the same three resolutions with an additional one thrown in occasionally for good measure. Without fail, and I apologise in advance for the serious lack of imagination, I plan to a) be better with my money b) get fitter and c) spend more quality time with the people I love. By and large I tend to do ok but I certainly lose focus. It seems I’m in pretty good company with 88% of those setting themselves resolutions failing to keep them.

Rather than stick with my usual three NY resolutions, I thought I’d try something a little different this year. Inspired by the day zero project, I want to complete ’101 things to do in 1001 days’. Rather than ambiguous goals, I want to set myself a list of measurable targets that will be of benefit to me, my family and friends and to my community. By sharing it here, I’m more likely to achieve my goals (10% more likely, in fact!).

So here goes:

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  1. Cook a new recipe every week (0/143)
  2. Bake a Christmas cake
  3. Give up fast food for 6 months
  4. Sell, recycle or bin any of my clothes that I have not worn in over a year (excluding my wedding dress)
  5. Move to a new town or village
  6. Buy a new mattress
  7. Own a sewing machine
  8. Read a new book every fortnight (0/72)
  9. Learn to ski
  10. Swim a marathon (0/26miles)
  11. Finish writing my book
  12. Become a mother
  13. Stop swearing for a month
  14. Phone my parents and siblings each week (0/143)
  15. Host a Christmas
  16. Buy another house
  17. Build a shed
  18. Plant and grow a vegetable patch
  19. Make a quilt
  20. Build a snowman
  21. Tell my husband I love him every day (1/1001)
  22. Run a half marathon
  23. Do something nice for a stranger
  24. Watch a sunset
  25. Watch a sunrise
  26. Lean how to play poker
  27. Play a sport I’ve never played before
  28. Change the name on my passport
  29. Write a Will
  30. Send a handwritten letter or card every month (1/33)
  31. Dance on a table
  32. Have a dry month each year (0/3)
  33. Tidy my desk at the end of each working week
  34. Learn the alphabet in sign language
  35. Host a stall at a craft fair
  36. Go a month without buying anything for myself that’s not a necessity
  37. Have breakfast at least 3 times a week
  38. Have a 30th birthday party
  39. Sort out (and use) a recycling system
  40. Furnish a room entirely from second hand and handmade goods
  41. Learn to crochet
  42. Double Premium Bond savings
  43. Join a band/orchestra
  44. Get my bike serviced
  45. Spend a day a month without accessing iPhone/internet/television (0/33)
  46. Go to a festival
  47. Moisturise every day (1/1001)
  48. Frame and display some wedding photos
  49. Frame and display a photograph from the Olympics
  50. Re-read the Bible
  51. Grow a herb garden
  52. Replace broken camera
  53. Make a photo book from our Honeymoon photos
  54. Learn how to play chess
  55. Be able to do 50 proper push ups in one go
  56. Volunteer at a local organisation
  57. Save £5 for every task completed
  58. Get my eyes tested
  59. Refurbish a second hand piece of furniture
  60. Make my own cushions
  61. Go vegetarian for a month
  62. Complete the recipe book of family recipes given to me when I left home
  63. Run a 10k race with my husband
  64. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 40th birthday
  65. Only drink water for one month
  66. Get a stamp in my new passport
  67. Change the name on my Driving Licence
  68. Inspire someone else to write a ’101 in 1001′ of their own
  69. Go clay pigeon shooting with my husband
  70. Explore London by boat
  71. Do a London walking tour
  72. Launch a new business and/or blog
  73. Go to a ballet performance
  74. Write 10 reviews on Trip Advisor (0/10)
  75. Do a Guest Blogger post for someone
  76. Go camping
  77. Win a competition
  78. Attend a local networking event
  79. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
  80. Drink a G&T in an airport lounge at silly o’clock
  81. Stop picking my cuticles
  82. Give my mum flowers that I have grown in my own garden
  83. Add a case of wine to our cellar plan each wedding anniversary
  84. Be able to do 100 sit ups without a break
  85. Help a friend start up their own business
  86. Build something out of wood with my dad
  87. Only owe money to the mortgage company
  88. Learn how to do ‘flicks’ with eyeliner
  89. Make a wearable item of clothing
  90. Meet 5 new people that I know from the internet
  91. Batch cook at least once a month (0/33)
  92. Replace the windows in our rental property
  93. Carve our initials into a tree
  94. Go on holiday with my siblings
  95. Go to a Midnight Mass
  96. Continue to meal plan every week (1/143)
  97. Reattach the badge to my car
  98. Go horse riding
  99. Re-read 10 of my favourite books from my childhood (0/10)
  100. Swim in the sea (for someone who grew up by the sea it’s been a long time since I’ve done this!)
  101. Build a fort, with fairy lights

So there you have it. I found many of them very easy to list and some of them harder than others. I’m 30 this year so will be aiming to complete 30 of them before that – I don’t have long so wish me luck!

As for the list, I now have 1001 days (or 143 weeks, 33 months or 2.7 years…) to complete my goals. What plans do you have over the coming weeks, months or years? How do you choose your resolutions? Do you think it’s possible to stick to them? I’d love to hear from you.


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5 thoughts on “Resolutions with a difference

  1. A few years ago my New Year’s Resolution was to give up making New Year’s Resolutions. It has been the easiest one to stick to, ever.

    I did #61 once (for a bet) and put on a huge amount of weight

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