The Pregnancy Diaries: Going with the Flow

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Flow, who’s currently in her third trimester of her first pregnancy. She’s back today to talk about mixing Christmas and all things maternity!

So, a few weeks have passed since my last blog entry and we have moved into the festive season…which means ‘drinks after work’, Christmas parties and lunchtimes out with colleagues for a full 3 course traditional turkey dinner.   Basically, for most, it’s the season of overindulgence. Looking back I was a naive pregnant women who thought being 8 months pregnant at Christmas would be perfect, being able to eat all the chocolates from the tin without anyone questioning me “Is that your 8th or 9th now?” or snacking on platefuls of sausage rolls and cheese and pineapples on sticks at the Christmas buffets everyone seems to have without feeling guilty.

What I perhaps overlooked was how big baby would be by now.  Measuring around 35cms in length and around  4lbs, baby is now BIG.  Which means little room for my insides, including my little stomach.  So whilst my eyes see a mountain of Quality Streets ready for the taking from the tin on my desk, the reality is after 2 or 3 I now feel full with a side helping of chronic heartburn.  Plus, with baby having much less room to move about, its clambering around sticking arms and legs into ribs and pressing down on places it really shouldn’t!!  So the overindulgence of the festive period is wasted on me right now, so I sit and watch people divulge their 6th toffee cream with ease and feel pangs of jealousy (or is that heartburn?).

The second thing I have noted around this time of year is the festive fashion.  Searching for a suitable outfit for 2 Company Christmas parties without ending up resembling Santa or a Christmas pudding was hard.  Loose flowing ‘maternity’ frocks appear to make the pregnant women look much larger then she is, whereas a fitted sleek number make you feel like a sausage exploding from it’s skin.  I have to say, after much ordering, trying on, tears, tantrums and ‘”I’m simply not going!!!” rants, that Next, ASOS and New Look do fab frocks for the pregnant lady, I settled on this little number from Next! I have to say, although with slightly swollen ankles and having a back that would rival a 90years olds, I felt fabulous in it :)

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I know sometimes I jest about pregnancy not being glamorous, or not as I had imagined it to be but I wouldn’t change it and understand I am very blessed to have this baby growing away inside me.  I have friends who have conditions that may make it hard to conceive, or some who have experienced losses and they are supportive yet I cannot help but feel a pang of guilt when discussing anything baby related around them.  Despite all the side effects, I wouldn’t change it for the world and know I am one very lucky (if a little spotty, tired and grouchy) lady.

With weeks  to go it now becomes very very real and from December 26th, when I will be ‘officially’ full term, I will be playing the waiting game….


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7 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Diaries: Going with the Flow

  1. Flow, you look gorgeous! A week and a day until you’re full term. Wow!

    It sounds so ridiculous but the thought of being pregnant over Christmas does give me a ‘pang’. I don’t know how to describe it – it’s certainly not a big enough deal to really mean anything but I do think there is a part of my that would yearn for the mulled wine of Christmases past! :D

  2. Kate’s getting pangs!

    Flow you look fantastic. Even if you feel like a sausage, you’re a glowing, gorgeous sausage.

    Not long now until baby Flow is ready to meet the big, wide world!

  3. Wine pangs! Love it Kate!! Flowster, you are GORGEOUS! I’d buy that dress and a duvet to shove up it to look that good! I’m so super duper excited for you and the imminent arrival of your bubba!

  4. Wow you look amazing!whata lovely dress-I was pregnant over Christmas with my daughter who is 12 now and remember shopping with my mum, maternity clothes were horrific and made me look so frumpy and equally horrific-her face when I picked up a size 16 dress from river island and scretched it over me was a picture, she said horrified “you can see every inch of your bump in that” so I said exactly and bought it!!flaunt your bump I say!!(and I’m glad I did, I missed it when it went!) x

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