Weight Loss Wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday seems to come round so quickly, almost as quickly as it seems the mulled-wine-and-mince-pie-pounds pile on! This week I’ve been rubbish at sticking to my plan. I was fattened up nicely whilst staying with a friend at the weekend and have scoffed almost my own body weight in both gingerbread and biscotti. Ooops. I really need to get my arse in gear. We’re going skiing in February and at this current rate I’ll be out of breath by the time I’ve got my ski boots on! My mission for next week and beyond – eat fewer sweet things and make sure I get out and brave a run jog three times a week. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, Victoria is back to let us know how her dieting is going and the effect of her weight on her attempts to fall pregnant. 

I have to open with a confession, yet again I have no weight loss update for you, I still don’t have the Wii back in action. I only use the Wii to weigh myself because it’s a constant, I also like to think that one day I might use it to do something energetic again…

When I got my Wii it was the Christmas they first came out, I got it from my parents and my now husband bought me the Wii fit board and game to go with it. I was delighted, I had wanted one and fully intended to use it to ease myself gently into a form of exercise, being as obese as I was it wasn’t always easy. It was a few days after Christmas before I got the opportunity to try out my new toy as we had been away at my parents for the festive season. It had been many a year since I’d weighed myself, I didn’t want to know really but I did want to play so I had to get on it. Imagine my absolute horror to discover that the Wii board couldn’t calculate my weight because I was over the weight limit for it. My poor H, he was so lovely, I did try to hide how upset I was because I knew how bad he would feel that he’d given me this gift that had upset me so much.  Was a good thing in the end though, I immediately went on a diet and within 2 weeks I had lost enough to register.  If I was to ever find myself in that situation again I would be horrified.

Weight Loss Wednesday | Losing weight the safe and supportive way | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blog

If only it were that easy… Image via Goodness Gracious 

Sarah wrote last Wednesday about soup, and how perfectly timed a post that was. Winter has really set in and you just can’t beat a big bowl of homemade, healthy soup when you come in from the cold. I made a big pan of Scotch Broth to use as a starter for my first ever dinner party last weekend.  We had my parents and my mother in law round and as 4 out of 5 of us were dieting, I had the soup and I had the Hairy Dieter’s book I thought let’s have a 100% diet friendly meal. The soup went down very well and I followed it up with a Rich Beef and Ale Stew with mashed potato, and finally the Lime and Lemonade berry jelly. It was absolutely a perfect light and refreshing desert for after such a hearty meal.  All of my guests were suitably impressed. I refuse to take any blame for the 8 bottles of wine that were demolished and all of the calories that were in them – the guests brought them!  I had planned to move onto Gin and Slimline after one glass of Rose.  (A 25ml measure of gin is only 2.5 syns on Slimming World. Top up with plenty of Slimline Tonic and lime!)

I have also made since then a big pan of vegetable soup and purchased thermos flasks for me and H to take to work for lunches. I fully intend for soup to feature heavily in our diets in the lead up to Christmas.  Our pre-Chrismas weight loss plan is to lose as much as we can before Christmas. I know I will gain some over the festive season, I just can’t do a healthy Christmas I’m afraid,  but better to make a hole for it!

There is still confusion for me where my cycles are concerned.  I didn’t have another shockingly short cycle thankfully. The CBFM gave me a peak on Day 20, and I expected to therefore have a 37 day cycle based on my previous calculation that I have a 17 day Luteal Phase (the Luteal phase would normally be the same length every month for each individual) however as I write this CD30 has become CD1, so not too sure what’s going on.  As I mentioned 2 weeks ago I will be using my basal body temperature this next cycle to get a more accurate reading of what has, or indeed has not, happened over the month.

How have you been getting on? Any pre-Christmas weight or fitness goals? Victoria and I would love to hear from you!


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