The Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 7 to 9

This morning we welcome back our regular contributor, Anon, (who hopefully won’t be Anon for much longer!) as she takes us through her experiences of weeks 7-9 of her pregnancy. You can read about her experience of finding out she was pregnant as well as weeks 5 and 6 here.

Well at the moment it feels a bit like groundhog day for me, I have had no morning sickness yet (I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining about this!) and the tiredness isn’t affecting me too badly; I have been really lucky so far. It hasn’t stopped me worrying that something may be wrong so I may have taken another couple of tests along the way just to put my mind at ease!

We finally told our closest friends about the pregnancy and they are so happy for us! I felt a bit naughty as we told them in a spare couple of minutes while they had guests over so we couldn’t really talk about it at first. Now they are my pregnancy gurus and any questions I have I phone my friend and she is able to help; although I wasn’t happy when she told me I couldn’t have a McFlurry :)

We have been over to their house a few times now and it has been great for me to watch everything that happens, I cannot believe how much new babies eat!! It’s like a factory line, sleep, wake, eat and poop and then it happens all over again. I have great admiration for mummy having to keep up with all this breastfeeding. I even had some lovely baby cuddles and she fell asleep on me – I cannot wait until it is my turn to experience all this!

I had my follow up appointment with my midwife to take some blood tests so that they can check my blood group and make sure that that there are no underlying issues that I am unaware of, unfortunately I will have to wait for the results until I have my 16 week check-up. 16 weeks!! How did that happen?? I blooming hate needles as well, but it’s worth it to make sure that all is well for baby S.

I had a bit of a scare this week when I went to the toilet one morning and had a pinkish discharge when I wiped. My mind went into panic overload thinking that the worst had happened. Luckily when I came into work and checked it seems to have stopped for just now but I phoned my midwife as well. She really put me at ease as said that it is nothing to worry about at the moment, but I have to keep an eye on it in case it happens again.

So now I am just counting down the days until my scan date, 3 weeks and 2 days to go. I just hope that time doesn’t slow down now!!

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