The Monday Munchies

Another Monday, another meal plan. You’ve got to love a bit of order in the world sometimes! This weekend I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures, the wondrousness that is a fishfinger sandwich, followed by some mulled wine at the Winchester Christmas Market and a tasty pork and cider casserole with dumplings and plenty of fizz at a friend’s house. She then spoilt me thoroughly with an epic breakfast the following morning, bacon, egg, black pudding, beans and toast, all washed down with a huge mug of tea.

Still, my stomach rumbles on and it’s time for me to share my meal plan for the week ahead. With Christmas and it’s associated parties just around the corner I try to eat pretty healthily in the run up, cramming in as much stealth veg as possible so that I can indulge guilt free when I want to. Anyone here do similar or does December invoke a complete ‘sod it, I’ll eat what I want’ mentality for you?

Meal plan w/c 3rd December 2012

Meal Plan 03Dec12 | Weekly Meal Planning for under £50 | Riding the Stork, a UK mummy and baby blogWhat I’d love to know this week is what is your go to dish when you need something that’s both healthy and cheap? Inspire me, Storkers, I always love to hear new ideas!


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3 thoughts on “The Monday Munchies

  1. I’m of the ‘sod it’ attitude, though I shouldnt be, considering how hefty I am becoming!

    My go-to cheap dish is normally pasta pomodoro. Tasty, filling and cheap. And I always make enough for lunch the next day!


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