The Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 5 and 6, by Anon

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Anon, a regular contributor who had recently found out that she was pregnant. We’ll be following her story over the coming months but for now read on to find out how things have been over the course of the past fortnight. Prepare yourself for tales of bloating, meal swapping and midwife visits!

Week 5

So I have been wondering if and when the morning sickness will hit me… Luckily I have escaped so far, but I dread the day that it will appear – mainly because my desk is so far from the toilet!! I have been having a good look online for hints as to what to expect for this week of the pregnancy and they are all giving very similar symptoms: bloating, sore boobs and tiredness. The bloating has happened reasonably quickly for me so I asked my Hitched ladies for some advice as I didn’t want to buy new trousers yet when I will need to buy more again soon! The best bit of advice that worked for me is to use a hair bobble through the button hole and then looped round the button, this gave me an extra inch or so on my waistband which was a lifesaver!

I have also started to experience the tiredness in the late afternoon/early evening and on Sunday I had to take my first siesta of this pregnancy! After what my friend experienced while she was at the early stages – this can only get worse, I just hope I don’t fall asleep while I am at work!

I booked in my first appointment with the midwife, I am not sure what to expect yet, but I am looking forward to it as it will be one step closer to having my first scan! I think I want to tell our closest friends after my first appointment so that we can all share the journey together (not just so I can bug her about every little thing that is happening :) ). Because I haven’t had any really bad symptoms yet, I did worry that something may have happened and so I took another pregnancy test this morning! Don’t ask me why I did it – I think I’m a POAS addict! Of course, it was positive and I need to remind myself that everything is still okay and going according to plan, but I still worry that something could go wrong.

K and I popped over to our friends at the weekend to see their newborn bundle of joy and oh my how cute she is! She was a little upset when we got there, but she was just hungry so mummy took her upstairs for her feed. Once baby was fed, I got some lovely baby cuddles from her. At one point while everyone else was chatting, K and I just looked at each other knowing that in 8 months’ time this could be us.

Week 6

It’s the week of my first midwife appointment which I am really excited about! I’m not entirely sure what will happen yet, but I will be going there, urine sample in hand, to start my journey officially.

This weekend we went to the local fireworks display and it was brilliantly put together, if you don’t include the part where the advertising banners caught fire… We went with our friends and even baby K came along for the fun, although she was sound asleep the whole time so I’m not sure she saw any of it! I think my friends have started to become suspicious about me being pregnant as I think it is the first time in a long while that I have been out and not had a drink. I was definitely struggling to stop myself from telling them.

We also visited the in-laws for Sunday dinner and came across a stumbling block where the choices for starters were pate or prawns. I went for the prawn option and then with K we tried to swiftly move them from my plate to his – needless to say this didn’t go unnoticed and the questions started. We nearly thought we had it all in hand by saying that I didn’t really like prawns, but MIL know me so well that she knew straight away that something was wrong; I love both pate and prawns. So we decided that it would be best to put them out of their misery, we see them all the time so it would have been hard to keep it hidden before the 12 week mark when we planned on telling them!!

My symptoms this week haven’t really changed much, I’m still feeling bloated and I have got terribly sore boobs but I still haven’t experienced any morning sickness. I did think it was starting on Monday morning when I had to dash out of the shower, but it turned out to be a one day thing. I’m still expecting it to arrive so we will have to wait and see.

Wednesday was midwife day and I can’t believe how nervous I was when I was driving there! I needn’t have worried at all because my midwife Maggie is lovely, she made me feel so relaxed and we had a good giggle during the appointment while we filled in my pregnancy notes. I didn’t realise the types of questions they would ask, lots about family history with illness and childbirth, but I suppose it is needed so that they have all the information they can get. I was there for just over an hour and by the end of it I just had a big smile on my face, even though I had taken countless tests over the past few weeks, it was very reassuring to hear a professional telling me it was all really happening.

I got booked in for a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks for some blood tests to be carried out and we should hopefully hear from the hospital soon with the date for my first scan! I cannot wait to actually get to hear our baby’s heartbeat and see them on the screen :)

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