The Monday Munchies

Happy Monday, folks!  Good weekend? We’ve just come back from a few days down in deepest, darkest Devon where my in-laws live. Every now and then, despite being completely in love with London life, I need to get away to the countryside to feel the wind in my hair and the smell of cows up my nose to remember what real life is all about.

It gives me the chance to recharge my batteries and for us to take stock of where we are in life. We use the long journey home to make plans and to remember that each pound we manage to save takes us one step closer to our move to the country. One day we’ll get there, I’m sure, but for now we’re back to city life, black snot and all, working hard to make a living.

It’s normal for us to come back from Devon with the odd memento, normally clods of mud in the treads of our welly boots, some homemade marmalade from the local village sale or perhaps a food parcel from my mother-in-law but this time we went one better. We can home with a couple of rabbits, skinned and ready for the pot.

Now the thought of eating Thumper doesn’t bother me a jot. What does bother me, though is the cost of rabbit near us. Considering they’re pests, normally shot for destroying crops, the mark up for them here in London is extortionate. Don’t they know we’re trying to economise here?! The Monday Munchies isn’t about fillet steak and foie gras, it’s about feeding your family for a week for under £50! Saturday night saw me meeting a strange, mud splattered, bearded local man in the village pub where for the princely sum of a pint of local bitter, a brace of rabbit were mine. The village grape vine had been as efficient as usual and I was bombarded offered various suggestions from several different notable locals as to the best way to cook them.

My bargain rabbits will be jointed, given a light dusting of seasoned flour then browned in butter. I’ll then cook them gently in cider, with leeks and bacon until the meat is tender. Once cooled, I’ll remove the meat from the bones and add it back to the casserole mixture. Some will be eaten tonight with a root veg mash, another couple of portions saved for Thursday when I’ll reduce the mixture down, stir through some crème fraîche and serve with jacket potatoes. The rest will be frozen giving another 4-6 portions of dinner. Not bad for £3 worth of sustainable meat.

The rest of our week is looking like this:

Meal plan for w/c 19th November 2012

We’re out for a Thanksgiving style dinner at some friends’ house on Friday and then Mr Stork’s cricket club’s annual dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday will see us roasting the second piece of ‘Archibald’, the (half) pig we had delivered recently from a friend with a small holding. Seriously good meat, tasty, ethical and pretty cheap too.

What are your thoughts on eating rabbit? Would you give it a go if you haven’t already? What are your meal plans for the week ahead? Inspire me!

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4 thoughts on “The Monday Munchies

  1. Your recipe sounds delish! I have pet rabbits but don’t think twice about eating rabbit- in fact I would try most things at least once I think.

    I love that they only cost a pint!

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