An interview with Richard O’Hagan, author of children’s book ‘Eddie’

We’re in for a treat today, folks! I’m delighted to be welcoming author Richard O’Hagan to talk about his book ’Eddie‘, on sale at Amazon. Aimed at children aged 3-7, this book would make an excellent Christmas present. What’s more there’s a chance to win your very own copy!

The story, the first in a series of 3 books, was inspired by bedtime with Richard’s five year old son William. “As much fun as reading a story to my son is at bedtime, I wished that there was a book out there that was interesting and fun for both the parent and the child. I couldn’t really find any, so instead I wrote my own.”  Richard, who originally comes from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, also writes about sport for a number of publications across the world.

The book “Eddie” stars a Welsh sheep from the town of Llanfartoomanyvowels who dreams of driving Farmer Jones’ tractor. The inclusion of subtle adult humour and famous characters like Jenson Mutton the sheep and Lewis Ham-Elton the pig make this book ‘a must’ for any fans of racing cars.

Eddie‘ written by Richard O’Hagan and courtesy of bilingual children’s book experts Diglot Books

Richard, thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Riding the Stork.  How did you make the leap from being a lawyer to becoming an children’s author? 

I am not sure it is that much of a leap. Although I have always written stories, for some reason these have always tended to be for children rather than adults. Other lawyers write great long learned articles and a few write fiction, but I guess my talents lie slightly differently.

How long did the process take you? 

In one sense, about 18 years. I wrote my first story before I even qualified. My sister, who was a primary school teacher at the time, read it and tried to encourage me to do more with it, but it really took until I had a child of my own for me to really take her up on that.

In other senses, not long at all. The idea for ‘Eddie’ came from my son’s favourite toy. The original story was written in an evening. I touted it around a couple of publishers but no-one was interested, so I shelved it. Then I met Alison from Diglot at another event and from then to now took about ten months.

What does your son think of the books?

He thinks it is great that his toys are in a book!

What sort of child is the book aimed at?

All children, including the grown up ones.

Do you think being a parent has made you a better author? 

Definitely. I would never have had the idea in the first place otherwise.

What’s the best way to deal with the dual language aspect of the book?

The books have two purposes. The language side is there for people who want to use them as a learning aid, so reading each page in one language then the other is the key. For those who just want a good story, though, you will find that your brain just ignores the other language on the page.

Should we expect to hear more from Eddie? Any chance of a sneak preview? 

Books two and three are written but I’m afraid I can’t give you a preview just yet. This question is probably the closest I shall come to feeling like JK Rowling.

Thanks very much, Richard!

We have one copy of the fabulous ‘Eddie‘ to give away to one lucky family. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below letting us know who would be the lucky recipient of the book. For an additional entry, please ‘like’ our Facebook page and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter and leave an additional comment below to say that you have done so.

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  • The competition is only open to UK residents and the book will be delivered to a UK address.
  • Postage is included. There is no cash alternative.
  • The competition ends at 23.59 on Friday 9th November and the winner will be randomly drawn using
  • The winner will be announced on the blog and on our Facebook page. If the winner does not respond within 7 days the prize will be redrawn and so on, until claimed.
  • You don’t not have to tweet or share this offer to enter but doing so means I can keep bringing you competitions.

If you’re not lucky enough to win the prize, copies of Richard’s book can be purchased for £5.99 plus free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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12 thoughts on “An interview with Richard O’Hagan, author of children’s book ‘Eddie’

  1. I would give a copy to my little friend Joey who is 3 and lives in Wales! He’d love it. Book sounds great Richard, if I don’t win one I will need to buy one ;)

  2. Id like to win please, so I can give the book to my niece. Her favourite things are tractors, cars, land rovers and dogs. By all accounts she wants to be a dog when she grows up. I think my brother sometimes agrees with her, but his wife less so!!. He is also an enormous racing fan, so can enjor bedtime stories too! Good luck with it, Richard. X

  3. I would give the book to my three year old niece, who will be starting a Welsh medium school next year. She doesn’t have any Welsh around her in the home, so this would be a good way for me to help prepare her for the big step into school.

  4. Aw, I would love reading this book to my Son who’s half Welsh :)
    I love kids stuff that is fun for adults too, like Shrek & Spongebob!

  5. My son would love it, as would his Welshy godmother! I need to win it, the last thing I won was a four pack of Kestrel in a school raffle, and that was 10 years ago. I am beginning to think I am cursed. And Richard, a talent well hidden throughout your school days, along with your ability to keep wicket!

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